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@rithari @Votton @squirrel @Jo @bootsy

Reply to this toot instead as I will explain to you people how our instance works.

Our instance works as closely it can to the ToS that are made. We do respect your reports and we will do moderation if we are contacted by legal means. This is because we want to keep it decentralized as much as possible. If you have a problem with our instance users, please block them. It is simple as that.

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@bootsy @Jo @squirrel @Votton @rithari

Now this is why we have not mentioned our policy of moderation, we want to keep it decentralized. Our rules are based off the international laws and your aspect of rules are only applied to your own instance. Our instance is different and with respect we strongly advice you to block the users you wish to avoid, instead of judging our goals. Our open registration applies to our instance due we want to keep it as open and welcoming as possible.

I'm simply flirting, drinking and skiing

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In Austria now! Skiing tomorrow. Mayrhofen

Traveling to Austria tomorrow. Looking forward to it!

Ayyy just got myself a practical exam tomorrow cus why the fuck not :tmks087:

You should all take a moment to watch this tbh, beautiful!

>Was sick all last week
>Had marketing test today that I didn't know about
>Group presentation tomorrow
>A quick mathematics test on Thursday

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I'm a real daredevil.

On an hour bus towards a bus terminal.
18:40 and supposed to arrive 19:40
My bus towards my apartment goes 19:40
Not only that if I miss that 19:40 bus I need to wait till 21:10


I don't have my apartment keys so need my roommate to also get there in time.

:blobmelt: no stress

Sometimes I dream about dreams

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why are animals made out of food if they don't wanna be eaten? 🤔